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stanyan in squidworks

Squid Works at NDK this weekend!

Join Squid Works Comics at Nan Desu Kan this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Marriott DTC.  The Squid Works own Robert Elrod, Craig Gassen, Tanya Higgins Ozzy Longoria, Josh Mills, Michael O'Keefe, John Peters, Chris Salas, Al Steffen and Stan Yan will not only be featuring their latest wares in Artist Row, but will also be involved in the following panels:
 Friday, September 12th:
 10 pm - midnight:
 Webcomics: Join webcomic creators, Stan Yan (The Wang, SubCulture, REVVVelations), Tanya Higgins (BetaPwned), John Peters (Gypsy), and Josh Mills as they discuss their webcomics, webcomic pitches, and the webcomic industry in what is no doubt going to be a lively Q&A panel.
 Saturday, September 13th:
 6 pm - 8 pm:
 24 hour comic challenge: Ever thought of writing and drawing a full 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours?  These people did... well most of them did. Join Stan Yan, Tanya Higgins, Josh Mills, Craig Gassen, Al Steffen, and Michael O'Keefe as they narrate their stories, talk about their creative processes, and answer questions about the results from this past years' Denver 24 Hour Comics Challenge and what they're doing to get themselves ready for this year's October 17th iron cartoonists challenge.
 9 pm - 11 pm:
 Improv Cartooning:  Do you think you have what it takes to draw a comic strip?  Do you think you have what it takes to be in improv comedian? Join Stan Yan and other Squid Works cartoonists as they host the annually popular Improv Cartooning Challenge where participants, novice to professional attempt to create funny, coherent comic strips with time-constraints and in collaboration with others.
 Sunday, September 14th:
 10 am - 11 am:
 Pitching a Comic:  Have you ever wondered how you were going to get your comic book project published?  Join comic creators, Ozzy Longoria, Josh Mills, and Stan Yan as they discuss what they've done or are doing to get their projects in front of publishers, what has worked, and what doesn't work from pitch to polish.
 1 pm - 2 pm:
 History of Comics in Japan: Michael O'Keefe, John Peters
 3 pm - 5 pm:
 Making Comics on the Computer: Whether you're a pen-and-ink artist looking for tips on coloring and layout or you're looking for fully-digital art and software tips, there's someone on this panel that knows something you want to know from open source software toComic Life to Manga Studio.  Join Michael O'Keefe, Tanya Higgins, Al Steffen, Craig Gassen and Josh Mills for this informational smorgasbord.
 More information at www.ndkdenver.org