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stanyan in squidworks

Squid Works Quarterly - Holiday Edition

New This Quarter

Social Morality, Volume 1 by Meredith Funk - Three brothers learn the morals of life through meaningful experiences, none of which are accurate. 20 page, b&w digest, Mature, $3.00 US. Cover by Uriah Funk.

Limbus #1 by Andy Glass – A new series by Andy Glass that pokes around the fire of ideas to explore topics such as the surrealism of the everyday, Dada and the absurd as well as other various degrees of the bizarre -- all collected for you in handy digest format! 24 page, b&w digest, color cover, Mature, $3.00 US.

Fight or Flight by Ellen Yu -- "Fight or Flight" uses anthropomorphism of guinea pigs to describe panic attacks and the bus drive to recovery through ink washes. 21 page, b&w digest, General, $3.00 US.

On the Beach by John Peters - Gypsygirl attempts to help a sand crab whose embroiled in peer hazing. 16 page, b&w mini comic, color cover, General, $1.00 US.

Gypsy! Everything's Coming Up Rose by John Peters - A chronic case of brainfreeze can't stop gypsy from having a globe-spanning adventure. 128 page, monochrome brown 6" x 9" digest, square-bound color cover, General. $9.95 US,. ISBN 978-0-9755041-6-9. Pre-orders being taken today. Advanced copies shipping now!

Social Morality by Meredith EhmkeLimbus #1 by Andy Glass
On The Beach by John PetersFight or Flight by Ellen Yu
More information and the complete catalog go to www.squidworks.com/offerings.html , and don’t forget to have your favorite comic retailer order from us on your behalf to save you shipping costs. Have them find out how at www.squidworks.com/dealer.html

Reviews and News This Quarter 

SubCulture #1-4 by Kevin Freeman & Stan Yan by Ape Entertainment
  • "This is one I fully expect to see on the big screen someday very soon!" ~The Comics Fanatic, 9/5/07
  • "SubCulture makes many jokes at the expense of geek culture, but it does it in a way that doesn’t offend but rather shows deep affection." ~Comic Related, 9/18/07
  • “SubCulture #1 assembles clichés into a too-familiar story, running the risk of demonstrating contempt for the kind of reader it will attract.” ~Johanna Carlson-Draper, The Savage Critic, 10/2/07
  • "…it’s a pretty funny book and the art is a good match…” ~xerexes, Comixtalk, 10/30/07
  • "I think the young talents behind it are the real deal." ~guttergeek.com, 10/2007
Read the complete reviews at www.squidworks.com/reviews.html
Upcoming Events
Squid Works Meeting - Next Sunday, December 9th from 1 - 4 pm, there's a Squid Works meeting scheduled at Enchanted Grounds at 8800 S. Colorado Blvd. in Highlands Ranch. 303-470-1010.
More event information and updates can be found at www.squidworks.com/events.html

New Free Webcomics
Machine Girl by Tim Winkelman – Machine Girl is a weekly web comic that sometimes features a female robot character. It is always wacky zany fun! Mature.

Machine Girl by Tim Winkelman

View these and other regularly-updating and archived webcomics at www.squidworks.com/online.html . And, of course, don’t forget to let us know what you think by posting comments on our web forum via the “Forum” link or submitting your own review of our comics via the “Review” link. If we use your comments of shamelessly promote ourselves, you could win a free book!
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